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If it fits in my head, it’s probably too small

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In principle, big ideas are always the result of putting our heads together. Really big ideas are already out there in the heads of many people just waiting to be put together. Without sharing my ideas with fellows and without openness to new ideas I am a prisoner of my own limitations, incapable of more than I can imagine.

Practical Tip: I serve the group best when I am humble. I accept that I probably don’t have all the best answers and if I do, the question is surely small. I talk with others about my ideas and their ideas. I release my ideas, let them be criticized, and let others build on them. I trust the wisdom of the group.

It’s okay that I don’t understand everything; that it doesn’t all fit in my head. I am open to ideas and achievements beyond my imagination.

– Craig Freshley

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2 thoughts on “If it fits in my head, it’s probably too small

  1. Thank you for this great quotation! I have used it in a variety of meetings. I have noticed that it puts participants at ease–to remember that they don’t have to know everything and can listen to others. Thank you, Craig!

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