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Coalition membership

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In principle, coalitions are held together by belief in a common cause. Membership is often flexible and responsive to coalition positions.

The strongest coalitions are unanimous in every vote; each member fully supportive of every position. Sometimes a member may stand in the way of the coalition’s desires; called a veto, which is fine once in a great while. Even the strongest coalitions compromise occasionally to hold the group together.

Yet when a member repeatedly blocks or disagrees with others, it’s probably time to adjust the membership of the coalition. Those that don’t agree, consistently, don’t belong.

Practical Tip: Go for “unanimous” on every decision. Publicly support, as a coalition, only those things that each of you support. Use vetoes very sparingly.

Let the edges of membership be defined by the members’ agreements with each other. If you generally agree on what the coalition has done and where it’s headed, stay or join. If you don’t generally agree, leave or don’t join.

Do not let just one or two disagreeable members hold up coalition action over and over again. It’s okay to kick someone out of a coalition because they consistently don’t agree with what everyone else wants to do. And it’s okay to invite new members who are consistently supportive.

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Closed for Summer

I started Good Group Decisions 17 years ago and there has never been a better time to take a break than right now.

My traditional business of facilitating in-person meetings has evaporated. It’s not clear how to adapt this little company of mine. And it’s summer in Maine!

So I have decided to close down for a couple months; step away from the office and the email for awhile. You might call it a little sabbatical.

I will probably start booking clients again in the Fall. If you have a project in mind, click here to tell me about it.

Yet for now I am making no commitments. I am keeping my calendar clear for awhile. I am considering all possibilities for next steps. If you have ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear your thoughts.

My plan is to be on sabbatical until the Fall Equinox, September 22.

Thank you for understanding.

– Craig

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Make others look good

Good Group Tips

In principle, a good team is a group of people who try to make each other look good. Harry Truman said, “It’s amazing how much we can do if we don’t care who gets the credit.” Similarly, we can spend huge amounts of energy caring about who gets the blame. To make good group decisions we support each other going forward and we give credit for success to the group.

Practical Tip: Give your ideas and efforts to the group, without conditions, without lingering ownership. Show public appreciation for others in your group. Own your share of things gone wrong and share credit with others for things gone right.

– Craig Freshley

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