Conflict Prevention

The Why and What of Positive Group Dynamics

Lose now, win later

How to Talk to an Adversary, with Respect

Revenge is never a reason


Conflict resolution steps

Rules first

Our interests

Outside issues

My first thought is probably not my best

Make amends

Best solutions begin with self

At home and in families

When someone throws a brick at you

Assumptions lead to trouble

Resentments have roots in expectations

Interests rather than positions

Come to the Meeting!

Change or accept

When to unpack conflict as a group

Let a small group resolve it


Understanding first

Leaders hold secrets

Don’t just do something, sit there!

The Potato Salad Solution

Admit mistakes

Putting people in boxes is not okay

Two Conditions for Conflict Resolution

Categorical Judgment

If you don’t have a stake, get out of the way

How to handle when someone walks out

Win with grace

Right to be wrong

How to handle rule-breaking

Learn about somebody different

That’s the way it looks from here


How to Untangle a Conflict

Good deeds and Mr. Goodbars

Causes of conflict, and cures

Tasks and Relationships

Let people change plans

Morality as agreed

Contain disagreement

Listen to your enemies

Alignment between words and deeds builds trust

What we think we know is dangerous

Most Conflict is Because of Misunderstanding

Here’s What I Heard

Ground Rules for Conflict Resolution

Principles to Help Groups in Conflict

Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution

Conflict Mediation Basics

How to prevent conflict – Build Shared Understanding

What’s the problem?

Shared expectations minimize conflicts