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In principle, art is that which provokes thought or emotion. It inspires, puzzles, causes one to think and feel in new ways. It is often an end in itself without a higher goal in mind. The artist is open to whatever may result.

All worthy creations, including good group decisions, are a combination of art and technique. Group decisions made in the absence of provocative thought or emotion may be mediocre or un-compelling.

Practical tip: Bring creative processes and artful influences into your group decision making. Enhance the technical decision making steps with artistic interventions. Weave music, stories, and pictures into your work. Allow time and space for laughter, tears, aha’s.

Art often knocks us off balance and to new places of understanding and inspiration; just what’s needed for good group decisions.

One thought on “Art

  1. Processing through the lens of an artistic expression allows a shift in perceiving ideas in a new light.Clarity of thought, deeper understanding of a situation and/or oneself, and the ability to speak precisely from the “bones” can offer outstanding contributions and results with group decision making.

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