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In principle, discipline is remembering what I want. 

Step one of course is to figure out what I want. That’s hard all by itself. Yet without a clear definition of the goal, discipline is impossible. Chasing fleeting aspirations willy-nilly often results in a random undisciplined path that amounts to little progress. 

Step two is to stay on the path, remember what I want, where I want to be. It is so easy to be distracted. Disciplined people have learned how to resist distraction. 

Step three is do the work. And the work is surprisingly easy, even fun, when you truly believe in a well-defined goal and when you are free from distraction. 

And it’s the same for groups. This is why it is so important for groups to define their goals and honor their processes that are designed to get them there.

Practical tip: Define what you want. Remember what you want. Do the work, joyfully, that will get you what you want.

– Craig Freshley 

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