Craig Freshley

It’s All About Interaction

People who attend today’s conferences, training seminars and meetings want more than learning. They want interaction. Audiences and participants want more than content. They want connection.

In a changing world where we like to discuss information rather than just receive it, we value conversation rather than just facts.

Good Group Decisions is all about facilitating conversation, interaction, connection. We believe that no one is smarter than all of us and that ethic shines through in the design of every Craig Freshley speech, seminar and meeting.

What sets Craig apart is his skill as a group facilitator. Craig engages participants in spontaneous dialogue where anything can happen. Craig’s events are lively and entertaining, edgy, anything but canned.

If Craig is delivering your speech or training seminar, expect results. Attitudes are changed. Behaviors are improved. Practical tips and how-to’s are provided in writing. People feel valued and inspired to do better. more

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Stakeholders at the table
July 30th, 2015 by

In principle, stakeholders are those who have a significant stake in a particular decision; that is, they stand to win a lot, lose a lot, or they are in a position to significantly help or hinder implementation of the decision. If stakeholders don’t participate in making the decision, chances are it won’t be a good one. …read more

Revenge is never a reason
July 14th, 2015 by

In principle, just because you did something bad to me is never a reason for me to do something bad to you. Doing something for revenge or to get even just makes more bad things happen. Sometimes we justify harming someone to teach them a lesson. If this is my goal, I should first ask, “What is the very …read more