Craig Freshley

It’s All About Interaction

People who attend today’s conferences, training seminars and meetings want more than learning. They want interaction. Audiences and participants want more than content. They want connection.

In a changing world where we like to discuss information rather than just receive it, we value conversation rather than just facts.

Good Group Decisions is all about facilitating conversation, interaction, connection. We believe that no one is smarter than all of us and that ethic shines through in the design of every Craig Freshley speech, seminar and meeting.

What sets Craig apart is his skill as a group facilitator. Craig engages participants in spontaneous dialogue where anything can happen. Craig’s events are lively and entertaining, edgy, anything but canned.

If Craig is delivering your speech or training seminar, expect results. Attitudes are changed. Behaviors are improved. Practical tips and how-to’s are provided in writing. People feel valued and inspired to do better. more

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Agendas should have times
May 26th, 2016 by

Having an Agenda can help your meeting be highly productive and efficient. In this video Craig explains three reasons why agendas (meeting plans) should have times noted for each item. Here’s what Craig says in the video Hi everybody. Craig Freshley here. I believe that if you’re going to have a highly productive highly efficient …read more

Use the Screen for Reflecting
May 23rd, 2016 by

In this short video Craig explains that using projection screens for presentations is over-rated, but using screens for reflecting is key for good group decisions! Here’s what Craig says in the video Hey everyone! It’s Craig Freshley here. I’m in a meeting room about to start a meeting but I wanted to take a moment …read more